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Angelina surveys the children lined up in front of her, her hands firmly on her hips. There's a lot of looking at the ground and shuffling of feet from them as they avoid her gaze.

"All right, which one of you has it?"

No answer.

"One of you has the Snitch and we're not going anywhere until I get it back. And if I don't get it back you'll all be in detention every evening until the end of the year."

Which, when you thought about it, wasn't much of a punishment since the school year was nearly over now anyway.

It had seemed like such a good idea at the time, taking over the Hogwarts flying lessons and Quidditch tournaments when Madam Hooch retired. But after only six months of dealing with the first years, Angelina was all but ready to retire herself.

She walks up and down the line of first years - Gryffindors today - looking for any hint of a clue, some give away that will point to the thief, but there is none. Thick as thieves, the bloody lot of them.

No doubt if she doesn't get it back then tonight they'll all be sat around the Gryffindor common room, with the Snitch fluttering around their heads acting like the cats who got the cream. Oh yes, she knows their sort. She WAS their sort not so very long ago. Fred and George would have thought it wonderful fun to steal the Snitch from under Hooch's nose and Merlin help her she would have found it hilarious as well.

Merlin, was I ever that small?
she thinks to herself, tapping her wand against her hand.

How would Hooch have handled it? Well Hooch would have blamed Fred and George and she would have been dead right. That's the key. Know who the likely suspects are.

"Horley," she says rounding on a mop haired 12 year old boy. Gregory Horley, Gryffindor first years resident prankster. "Hand it over."

"I haven't got it, Miss!" he declares looking up from his feet, his face a picture of wide eyed innocence, hiding the smug grin that she knew so well from Fred and George.

"No, you probably haven't," she admits. "So who did you give it to?"

The twins would have given it to Lee Jordan and when the teachers got wise to that they'd have given it to her or Alicia.

Who were Gregory's friends? Oh that's right. Wilfred Jenkins and...

"Hand it over, Janey," she says gently, holding out a hand in front of the girl.

The girl looks up from the ground like a rabbit caught in the headlights. No doubt Horley had promised her no one would suspect her. Another teacher probably wouldn't have but then no other teacher had been friends with the Weasley twins.

"But.. I ... I haven't..." Janey mumbles, her eyes shifting quickly over to Gregory who is very determinedly Not Looking at her.

"If I I get it back right now," she says firmly, "I'll take ten points from Gryffindor and we'll not hear anything more about it."

The girl shuffles her feet for a moment and then very slowly reaches inside her robes to get the snitch. She places it in Angelina's hand, avoiding her teachers gaze.

"Thank you, Janey."

With the Snitch clutched tight in her hand and a warning that they won't get off so lightly if it happens again, Angelina dismisses the class only 20 minutes late for dinner. Angie watches them go, shaking her head and, when they're far enough out of range, laughing just a little.

Kids. The faces and names might changes but the pranks didn't. Oh yes. Angelina was going to enjoy being on the other side of the fence.


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