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Angelina stares down at the piece of parchment in front of her while she twirls her quill in her fingers. So far the parchment is blank except for one four letter word at the top: 'Fred.' There are several screwed up attempts covering her desk. Some are angry, some just sound like she's a clingy school girl. Some she even managed to finish before screwing it up and starting again. The truth is she doesn't really know what she wants to say to him. There is somethiong she wants to know though. After staring at the paper for another few minutes she dips her quill into a bottle of blue ink and writes a short sentance.

Where were you on Saturday?

Then she rolls it up and ties it to the leg of her owl before she can change her mind about it. She carries the owl to the window and pushes it open. After she tells the owl were to go, it spreads it's wings and flies out into the dark night.  Angelina watches the owl as it circles above the house once before flying of.

She pushes her hair out of her face, grabs her jacket and leaves the house. When she's a street away, she darts down an empty alley, and with a pop she apperates to Milliways.


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