Oct. 25th, 2008

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October 25th. Angelina's 23rd birthday. She didn't really want to make a fuss about it. Since her parents died, she hasn't really felt like celebrating things like birthdays. But the duty of friends is, apparently, to make one celebrate these occasions whether they wish to or not, which is how Angie found herself at her own surprise birthday party, after being told by Alicia and Katie that they where only going for a drink.

After about an hour of smiling, laughing and pretending to have a good time with various colleagues and people she went to school with, she finally manages to slip away from everyone and hides in a blissfully empty bedroom with a half full bottle of Firewhiskey.

The Firewhiskey lasts a little over half an hour, and by that time, fortified by the amount of alcohol in her bloodstream, she feels a bit more ready to face the party. Besides, any longer than that and people would probably start wondering where she hed gotten to.

Slightly unsteady on her feet, thanks to the whiskey, she makes her way to the door and takes a deep breath before turning the handle and opening the door...


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