Nov. 5th, 2005

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Angelina is in her room, alone, when the Other is defeated. As the curse ends, and she takes back control of her own mind, it's as if a fog that has been clouding her senses is lifted. Theres a momentary confusion as she puts together the events of the past two weeks. Then comes the awful, sinking feeling as she remembers the horrible things she's said and done during that same time- even the things she only thought about doing make her feel sick inside.

And Harry... Oh Merlin the things she said to Harry... But he knew there was somthing wrong. Once she explains then he'll understand- he has to... right? But what if there was more to the kiss with Shiela? What if she's blown it for good this time and he's moved on?

Her hand automatically reaches for a braid and she starts twisting it around her fingers in a nervous way, and she chews on her bottom lip.

Angie knows she needs to go down to the bar and apologise to everyone and explain what happened, and after that she needs to go home and fix things there as well, but she can't do that just yet. She can't face the people she insulted, the people she hurt, so she spends a sleeples night curled up on her bed, blaming herself for what happened, even though it's not her fault...


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