Sep. 7th, 2004

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*The hot sun beats down on her neck as she walks through the crowded streets of Diagon Alley. Her bags are whacking painfully against the side of her leg as she enters Olivanders, the wand makers. Somewhere in the dark recess's of the shop a bell rings.*

'Miss Johnson. Such a suprise. A pleasure to be sure but also a surprise. What brings you here?'

'I need a new wand Mr Olivander. I... lost my old one.'

'You lost it? However did you do that?'

*I left it in a pensieve while I was trying to save the life of my astronaut boyfriend from the future whom I met whilst staying in a bar at the end of the universe she thinks.*

'I really couldn't tell you Mr Olivander. If I knew how I lost it then it wouldn't be lost would it?'

'No I supose not. Dragon Heartstring and ash wasn't it? Very good for transfiguration.'

'Thats right Mr Olivander.'

*While she is talking Mr Olivanders silver tape measure begins to size her up as it did when she first entered the shop seven years ago and Mr Olivander begins looking through the shelves of wands lining the back wall of the shop.*

'Here try this one. Dragon Heartstring and oak, 12". Not dissimilar from your last purchase.'

*She takes the wand and waves it but nothing happens and the wand is quickly whipped out of her fingers by Olivander and replaced with a second.*

'Pheonix tail feather and willow, 10 1/2". Stiffer than most, but excellent for defense spells.'

*Again nothing happens and another wand is thrust upon her. It takes a while but after half an hour of waving wands she leaves the shop with one that fits: 'Ebony and Dragon heartstring 11 1/4". Strange combination Miss Johnson but a very powerfull wand none the less.'*

*She pauses out side Quality Quidditch Suplies and looks at the display of new brooms in the window. She doesn't need one but she goes into the store anyway. She browses the shelfs and looks at all the familiar Quidditch parefenalia. Then something catches her eye and she smiles.*

'It's perfect. Bob'll love it.'

*One gift down, she still needs to find things for Tim, Meg, Andrew, Edward and Paddy, and Raph, so she pays for it at the counter and heads back onto the streets, to search for suitable things for her friends.

A magical pet store provides a gift for Edward and the puppy, and Andrews is found in Flourish and Blotts book store. Meg's gift is slightly harder to find but is eventually discovered in Madam Malkins Robes for all occasions. After thinking for a while on what an ex-turtle might like, he remembers the time when Raph took her wand and replaced it with a fake from Weasley's Wizard Wheezes. She goes into the twins' shop and is grateful to see they're not there.*

'Hiya Lee.'

'Angie! Hey where have you been? No one's seen you for months. Alicia was woried that the Death eaters had got you.'

'I er... Went away for a bit.'

'On holiday? Without telling anyone?'

'Well I guess you could call it a holliday. Any way Lee I'm looking for a present for a friend. I want some of everything. Canary creams, those fire works things that the twins set of to piss of Umbridge, things that make a lot of noise and quite a bit of chaos, and anything else that the twins might have invented since i left.'

'Your wish is my command Fair Lady.'

*Lee starts gathering the requested items.*

'So Angie. You fancy going out with me sometime?'

'Not now Lee, please.'

'Oh go on Angie. It'll be fun. Just one date. I'll even pay.'

'Well aren't you a gentleman. But seriously Lee I'm not in the mood right now. I just... I just got out of a relationship. It didn't end well.'

'Oh. Right. If you want I can beat him up for you. Or hex him, whichever you prefer. Wasn't Fred was it? 'cause if he hurt you I can...'

*She laughs.* 'No I don't want you to beat him up or hex him. And it wasn't Fred. You don't know him, he's not from around here.'

'If you're sure...'

'Yes. I'm sure. Really sure.'

*Lee hand over a bag of neatly wrapped parcels.*

'Oh well if you're really sure... Here you go Angie.'

'Thanks Lee. How much do I owe?'

'For you Angie? It's on the house.'

'Don't be stupid Lee this is a business. Now how much do I owe?'

*The last present she needs to buy is for Tim. As she walks down the street she realizes that she knows very little about Tim, Meg and Andrew. What with rescueing John and then his departure they never really had much time to get to know each other. Well that, she decides, is going to change.*


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