Going Home.

Sep. 6th, 2004 10:57 pm
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*Angelina apperates into a fairly large, neatly kept back garden surrounded by high fences, and walks up the path to the kitchen door. She takes a deep breath and knocks three times. From somewhere inside the house a muffled voice is getting louder untill a figure appears in the smokey glass window set into the door. A key can be heard turning in a lock and the door swings open, revealing a smartly dressed woman in her early to mid fourties. She looks an awfull lot like Angelina, or more correctly, Angelina looks an awfull lot like the woman.*

'Hullo Mum.'

*The woman, Mrs Johnson crosses her arms over her chest.*

'Angelina Maria Johnson where on earth have you been?'

'Er... No where really Mum.'

'You had your father and I worried half to death! You don't phone, you don't owl. For all we knew you could have been dead.'

'I'm sorry Mum. I really am. I just... had to get away for a while.'

*Mrs Johnsons face softens into motherly concern for her only daughter.*

'Well let's not stand here nattering away, let's go inside. Your dad's at work at the moment of course but he'll be home in a few hours. And we're expecting your Gran for tea tonight as well so...'

*Angelina has stopped listening to what her mother is saying. She looks around the house and everything is almost exactly the same as when she had left. It's the same mix of magic and muggle items that she grew up with, the same wallpaper she helped her parent's pick out when she was twelve, the same smell of her mothers home cooked dinners. Photo's of her and her brother at various ages line the walls as well as the odd picture of her parents.*

'...Won't that be nice love?'

'Sorry Mum? I didn't catch all of that.'

'Really Darling you must start paying attention. I'm surprised you got any NEWTs at all if thats how you treated your teachers. I said you'll be able to tell us all where you've been after tea.'

*Angelina winces.* 'I'd rather not Mum if it's all the same to you.'

*Mrs Johnson looks worried.* 'Are you all right Darling? You seem rather out of sorts. It's not like you to be so quiet.'

*Angelina smiles.* 'I'm Fine Mum. I'm just glad to be home. Thats all.'


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